An orchestra and two top protagonists of the electronic club music scene shake hands. Techhouse and dancefloor producers and DJs Dapayk and Alec Troniq combine electronic club music with symphonic orchestral sound live on the big stage.

The result is a first-class orchestral electronic groove firework that captivates concertgoers and clubbers of all generations alike. Alec Troniq and Dapayk present a live electronic program of their own favourite pieces and those of their audience. The best-known tracks of the two very successful, stylistically completely different electronic artists are rearranged here to create a new masterpiece of symphonic sounds.

Together with the Norddeutsche Philharmonie Rostock, they breathe the prestige of a pulsating club night into Halle 207 - with symphonic techno, techhouse, indielectric, a pinch of minimal, R'n'B and symphonic jazz in elaborate, loving arrangements by Christian Dellacher, who is the musical director of the concert.
July 11, 2024