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Current issue: SIMsKultur KUNSTRAUM 1/2024

SIMsKULTUR offers its readers the highlights of European cultural events. The unmanageable flood of events is "filtered" by the SIMsKULTUR editorial team and presented in an informative, appealing and clear way.

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SIMsCULTURE – all year round

The Magazine for Museums and Exhibitions
April to June

SIMsKULTUR KUNSTRAUM 1 offers a comprehensive overview of the exhibition highlights of European museums and art events. Permanent and special exhibitions as well as museum worlds are presented. A special section "Festivals" provides information about the upcoming cultural spring. SIMsKULTUR KUNSTRAUM 1 will be published in March.

The Magazine for Festivals, Festival Weeks, Culture Days, Festivals
July to October

THE SUMMER OF CULTURE presents the most important festivals, festivals, festival weeks, cultural days, theatre and opera festivals, open airs and summer concerts between July and October. A section of the exhibition also provides information about the art scene during this period. SIMsCulture THE SUMMER OF CULTURE will be released in July

The Magazine for Museums and Exhibitions
November to March

The large number of art and cultural events in autumn as well as a preview of the "new" cultural year are presented in an informative and clear way by the SIMsKULTUR editorial team. The extra section "Christmas Culture Stroll" gets readers in the mood for the "quiet time" of the year. SIMsKultur KUNSTRAUM 2 will be published in November.

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