The newly built observation tower was opened in 2013 on the summit of the Pyramidenkogel, 851 meters above sea level. At 100 meters high, it is the highest wooden observation tower in the world.

The construction consists of 16 mighty, elliptically arranged larch glulam supports and 80 diagonal steel struts. The actual structure is 67 meters high. The tower head with the two highest viewing platforms and the "Sky Box" were placed on top of this. The "Sky Box" (on the 9th floor) is glazed all around and therefore protected from the wind and weather.
The highest visitor platform is located at a height of almost 71 meters. The largest of the three viewing platforms was built at a height of 64.16 meters.

360-degree view up 441 steps and in the lift
Visitors can enjoy a 360-degree panoramic view of Carinthia's wonderful lake and mountain landscape as they climb the 441 steps and ride the panoramic lift. The lift transports up to 20 people to a height of 70 meters.
From a height of 52 meters, Europe's highest enclosed building slide leads from the observation tower to the ground floor over a length of 120 meters. Speeds of around 25 km/h can be reached with a slide duration of 20 seconds.

The slide takes you down into the depths at breakneck speed

The slide takes you down into the depths at breakneck speed

Restaurant & playground
The ground floor of the tower's main building houses a restaurant serving national and international cuisine, a ticket sales room and a souvenir store. Outside, there is a spacious playground to keep the little ones entertained. It has a large climbing frame with a slide, several swings and a play hill with a tunnel system. At the end of the terrace there is a playhouse for the little ones.

Spring on the Pyramidenkogel
In spring, the view from this tower is particularly spectacular. The Pyramidenkogel is a popular vantage point in Carinthia, Austria, which offers breathtaking views at any time of year. In spring, however, the view from the observation tower is particularly spectacular. When you climb the tower or take the lift up, you quickly notice how nature is changing all around you. The trees start to blossom and the landscape gradually becomes greener. You can even hear the chirping of birds returning after a long winter.
Once at the top, the view over Carinthia is incomparable. The mountains are cloaked in a fresh green and the sky is clear and bright blue. You can see the surrounding villages and lakes slowly awakening from their winter slumber. The water of Lake Wörthersee glistens in the sun and magically attracts the eye.

A ride on the slide at the observation tower is an experience not to be missed. The 120-metre-long slide is made of stainless steel and offers an exciting and fast ride down from the highest point of the tower. The ride is an unforgettable experience as you can time yourself and find out how fast you can go down the slide.