The Buchheim Museum is an experience that appeals to all the senses. Visitors experience the museum from three perspectives.

Art: Lothar-Günther Buchheim's museum concept unites various collections under one roof: at the center is the famous Expressionist collection with paintings, watercolors, drawings and prints. The "secondary collections" include arts and crafts from all over the world, Bavarian folk art, cult objects from Africa and other non-European countries. Finally, the museum also exhibits works by the artist Lothar-Günther Buchheim. Changing exhibitions - also featuring contemporary artists - add to the museum's vibrancy.
Architecture: Günter Behnisch has created a multi-layered and varied architecture for the Buchheim collections that reflects the extraordinary diversity of the works of art. The elongated building, partly built into the slope, ends in a footbridge suspended twelve meters above the lake.
Nature: The Buchheim Museum is located to the north of Bernried in Höhenried Park, directly on the shores of Lake Starnberg. A walk through the park is a unique experience of nature and art. Old groups of trees, enchanted ponds, pagodas, sculptures and other works of art line the path from the visitor parking lot to the museum building. When the weather is fine, you can see as far as the Alps.


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Buchheim Collection - Inside Out? 100 paintings, drawings and prints
There is hardly anything that Lothar-Günther Buchheim has not collected. The donation of works of Expressive Realism by the collector Joseph Hierling has significantly expanded the museum's holdings in recent times. As a result, the Buchheim Museum of the Imagination is alive in the spirit of its founder and is astonishingly diverse. Buchheim had a particular penchant for art on fragile paper. The creative artist probably recognized the most direct connection between the eye, emotion and hand, and ultimately to the viewer, in the strokes of a quickly scribbled drawing.
The presentation of selected works of expressionism takes up this understanding of art. At the same time, the viewer should form his or her own opinion about the status of the collection. Paintings, drawings and prints are compared with new acquisitions along classical themes of art. For reasons of conservation, the works on paper are presented in three tranches. This increases the number of exhibits. In this way, the full breadth of the collection can be explored and the "bottom can be turned up".
April 27, 2024 to January 12, 2025

Director's Cut - Buchheim's Expressionists: Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Waldspaziergang, 1913, Buchheim Museum of the Imagination, Bernried on Lake Starnberg

Director's Cut - Buchheim's Expressionists: Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Waldspaziergang, 1913, Buchheim Museum of the Imagination, Bernried on Lake Starnberg

Director's Cut - Buchheim's Expressionists
One focus of the Buchheim Collection is on Expressionist art, including works by Erich Heckel, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Otto Mueller and Karl Schmidt-Rottluff. In addition to these companions of modern art, Lothar-Günther Buchheim recognized the quality of painters close to them, such as Max Kaus or Otto Beyer. He also collected artists with strong figures such as Paula Modersohn Becker and Lovis Corinth as well as Max Beckmann, Conrad Felixmüller and Alexej von Jawlensky. What they all have in common is that they each sought independent answers to the emerging non-representational painting that went beyond tradition.
February 20, 2024 until January 2025