The Imperial Palace in Innsbruck is one of the three most important cultural buildings in Austria alongside the Hofburg Vienna and Schönbrunn Palace. Since its foundation stone was laid, it has seen many rulers come and go, and the traces of Maximilian I, Maria Theresa and Sisi in particular are still omnipresent in the Hofburg today. Marvel at Maria Theresa's historic state rooms and stroll through Sisi's Imperial Apartment or be enchanted by the modern permanent exhibition on Emperor Maximilian I.

The permanent exhibition Maximilian1
Emperor Maximilian I is one of the most famous personalities of the House of Habsburg. With a successful marriage policy, he laid the foundations for the rise of his family to become one of the most powerful dynasties in Europe. His life was marked by the fickle fortunes of war as well as the introduction of new technological achievements, which he knew how to use skillfully.

Permanent exhibition "Maximilian 1st", Bianca-Maria Sforza and Maximilian I © Burghauptmannschaft Österreich

Permanent exhibition "Maximilian 1st", Bianca-Maria Sforza and Maximilian I © Burghauptmannschaft Österreich

January 12, 2019 marked the 500th anniversary of his death. To mark the occasion, the Burghauptmannschaft Österreich dedicated the anniversary exhibition Maximilian I, Dawn of the Modern Era to him in the Hofburg Innsbruck from May 25 to October 12, 2019. This was also the starting signal for the new permanent exhibition, which was opened on November 22, 2019 after a short renovation phase due to the great success of the anniversary exhibition.
Using state-of-the-art multimedia technology and a digital mediation concept, the permanent exhibition not only focuses on the personality of Emperor Maximilian I (1459-1519), his wives, court life and influences that shaped his life, but also deliberately presents topics with a European or global dimension. The European expeditions to the west are covered, as are Siegmund von Herberstein's journeys to the east on imperial commission. The latest findings from research into the building history of the Hofburg Innsbruck, climate history and the contextualization of politics, religion and economics round off the exhibition content.
After the permanent exhibition was expanded in July 2020 to include the theme of Mummereien, which refers to unique costume parties at Maximilian's court, the first special exhibition Maximilian1 - The Emperor and his Tournaments was opened in May 2021. This was transferred to the permanent exhibition at the end of the year.

Celebrating the 300th birthday of Franz Anton Maulbertsch: the ceiling fresco in the Giant's Hall
One of the highlights in the Giant's Hall of the Hofburg Innsbruck is the ceiling fresco by Franz Anton Maulbertsch. Like in a "hidden object picture", figures from mythology and the history of Habsburg-Lorraine form an impressive procession.
Celebrate the 300th birthday of Franz Anton Maulbertsch and view the magnificent ceiling fresco from a new perspective. Take part in a special guided tour after the museum closes.
As the number of participants is limited, it is essential to book in advance at [email protected]
June 7, 2024, 5 p.m.

Hofburg Innsbruck, Giant's Hall © Burghauptmannschaft Österreich

Hofburg Innsbruck, Giant's Hall © Burghauptmannschaft Österreich

HofArt 2024
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