The waterfront promenade in Friedrichshafen is worth a walk in itself, but modern art lovers should pause in front of the sound ship called "Im Augenblick".

The sound ship "Im Augenblick" is located on the riverside promenade, approximately at the level of the city railway station. Influenced by the war in the Balkans, this ship was built as a kind of ambassador for peace by the "European artist" Helmut Lutz. In the spirit of connecting Europe to the East, the ship made stops along the Danube in Beuron, Ulm, Passau, Linz, Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest and finally in Mohacs, on the border with Serbia. At this border, a giant wooden tear with the inscription "Europe weeps" was thrown overboard. With these references, it was set up in Sarajevo, Friedrichshafen's twin city, in 2000. At the end of this long journey, the sound ship finally dropped its anchor at Lake Constance. The steel and wood construction is 40 meters long and combines representations of the European bull and the Urania.
The work correlates with the "Sternenweg", another work of art by Helmut Lutz, which has been in Sarajevo since 2005. The relationship between the artworks is intended to symbolize cohesion.
Events take place around the sound ship time and again, not only on the occasion of the Kulturufer.