There is no need to ask the stars of the most renowned dance companies: For most of them, the International Ballet Galas in Dortmund have long been a fixture in their packed diaries.

Year after year, they come to Dortmund to present the many facets and shades of the art of dance to the audience and celebrate a festival of life, a festival of the senses and sensuality. Ballet director Xin Peng Wang traditionally opens and closes the season with an exhilarating dance event. In addition to classical forms of expression, creations can also be experienced that give an insight into the direction in which the art of movement is developing.
"Wherever Ballett Dortmund goes on its guest performances, it bears witness to the vitality and optimism of our city. And every artist who performs here tells the world: Dortmund is a very special place!" (Xin Peng Wang)
June 22 and 23, 2024