The exhibition "The Treasure of the Swabians. From the Gold of the South Danubian Thracians" represents the realization of a wonderful collaboration between the National Institute of Archaeology and the Museum of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in Sofia.

One of the treasures that helped shape the image of the legendary richness of Thracian archaeological heritage will thus be presented for the first time in a museum in Romania. The event is also a first because it takes place in the most prestigious permanent exhibition of the National Museum of Romanian History, the Historical Treasures exhibition, a space dedicated exclusively to precious metals and where no other temporary exhibition has ever been held. Alongside other assemblages from the 4th to 3rd centuries BC, artifacts from the Cucuteni-Băiceni hoard or from the Peretu and Agighiol funerary inventories, the Sveștari ornaments are placed in a very good contextual framework, and some similarities are noted.


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In north-eastern Bulgaria, about 40 km south of the Danube, in the region (oblast) of Razgrad, near the town of Isperih and in the vicinity of the village of Sveștari, there is an area that is very rich in archaeological remains from various historical periods. Since 1988, it has been declared the Sborianovo National Nature Reserve. The treasure of Sveștari was discovered in this area in November 2012 during archaeological excavations.

The treasure comes from the largest burial mound in the area, which is more than 15 meters high and has a diameter of 60 meters. The mound was built in two stages, first over a stone pit with a semi-cylindrical vault and later over an old oak tree near the site. The treasure was probably created in the second quarter of the 3rd century BC and consists exclusively of golden artifacts, women's jewelry and accessories for a riding horse, which were apparently wrapped in brocade, a richly decorated fabric, some of which is preserved in gold thread.
December 8, 2022 to June 25, 2023