Freistil - The somewhat different musical theater. An evening of songs. "Blues that moves me. Soul that moves me. Grooves that have accompanied my life. That I know, that speak to me from the soul." Franziska Ringe

Songs can depict entire landscapes of the soul, offer comfort and support, evoke memories and provoke moods. They accompany life - and this production is intended to be a journey through life in songs. In a completely un-operatic musical theater evening, the audience follows the protagonist, embodied by Franziska Ringe, who for once shows a completely different side of her musical spectrum of expression in search of the sound of her soul. A border-crossing journey between soul, funk, blues and jazz.

The new music theater series "FREISTIL" aims to create a space for experimentation, the unconventional and the transgressive. With great creativity, based on the versatility of the ensemble, unorthodox, adventurous musical theater is created that enables great theatrical moments beyond the big stage. Open to all genres, styles and theatrical styles, it offers unpredictable evenings - different, surprising and thrilling every time.
World premiere May 25, 2024
Further performances: May 31, June 8, 15 and 19, July 6, 2024