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Hildegard Pohl - winner of the 2019 Wolfram von Eschenbach Prize - and her daughter Victoria, both pianists, both on the road in classical music and jazz, give one of their magical joint concerts!
Two pianists in blue mode: 88 blue keys bathe the world of classical music and jazz in a special light. It's all about the swinging groove of the "blue notes" in "Jazz & Blues", about immersing yourself in the famous "blue hour" of classical music.

From Bach in blue to Stevie Wonder and Miles Davis, passion and emotion shine in the blue light. Our advice: come, the evening is sure to be long and full of blue wonders! The fact that two women are sitting here at the keys in complete harmony and soulmate, playing four, two and one-handed and chatting with a wink about the situation of sharing a grand piano (plus blue stool) is perhaps due to the "mother/daughter po(o)l position and certainly due to their shared love of music.
April 3, 2022