A whole generation was in FLASHDANCE fever in the 80s. Tight leotards and sweaters that slipped over the shoulders left their fashionable mark. With its rousing soundtrack, the blockbuster has a permanent place in pop culture. People still dance to the mega hits "Flashdance - What a Feeling", "Maniac", "Gloria", "Manhunt" and "I Love Rock & Roll" at parties today.

And the story of FLASHDANCE is also moving. Alex Owens is a young woman in Pittsburgh who works in a steel mill by day and as a dancer in a bar by night. But her biggest dream is actually to become a recognized professional dancer. When Alex falls in love with her boss Nick Hurley, doors that had previously remained closed open and she gets the chance of a lifetime - an audition at the renowned Shipley Dance Academy. She is soon confronted with the darker side of her plans and has to make a decision: Does she continue to live her previous life or does she fight for her dream? A strong woman at the center of the story, who works hard for her dream and dances and lives her very own style.
The enthusiasm of the performers is just as enchanting as the captivating production with its modern look and high production quality. The decision to sing the cult songs in the original English is particularly successful; all other songs and dialog are performed in German. Oh, what a feeling! FLASHDANCE - The Musical is back at the Metropol Theater Bremen in October 2023.
September 13, 14 and 15, 2024


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