Evil wolves, innocent children, mean robbers and begrudging stepmothers - the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm offer many opportunities to reflect on right and wrong, good and evil. Against this backdrop, the GRIMMWELT sets off on a search for traces of fairy tales and law in the new special exhibition.

First of all, a world of fairy tales awaits you in which everything is not always as clear-cut as it seems at first glance. On closer inspection, some characters are more ambivalent than you might initially expect. The characters and actions of three selected fairy tales are examined and you are invited to question the common classification of good and evil in fairy tales. The exhibition then introduces the Brothers Grimm as jurists and goes on a search for traces of their lives. This chapter focuses on a rather unknown work by Jacob Grimm: the "Deutsche Rechtsalterthümer", as well as the classification of this basic collection of legal history in the overall work of the brothers.

"The spirit of the people" © © GRIMMWELT Kassel | Photo: Nicolas Wefers

"The spirit of the people" © GRIMMWELT Kassel | Photo: Nicolas Wefers

And finally, the show takes a look at the present day and asks about the relationship between law and justice. For example, the question is raised as to whether law always creates justice. Many hands-on stations invite you to become active in a playful way, change your perspective and take a stand yourself. The exhibition also features original historical exhibits from numerous institutions and museums. Interviews with experts on historical and current topics as well as varied film and audio stations round off the show. An augmented reality app for adults and a puzzle trail for children (aged 6 and over) also ensure that young and old researchers get their money's worth.
September 29, 2023 to April 14, 2024