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There is hardly anyone who has not dreamed of having been to New York at least once in their life. For all those who have not yet been able to make this dream come true, organizer RGV Event GmbH brings a part of New York to Germany - the most important part: the gospel from Harlem. This is precisely why this gospel choir cannot be compared with any other gospel formation. Because religion plays just as important a role in the concerts of Rev. Gregory M. Kelly & The Best of Harlem Gospel as it does in the lives of the majority of Harlem's population. Here, gospel is not just a musical interlude, but part of a mass that is celebrated and celebrated wholeheartedly and with magnificent voices. The audience becomes a cohesive community in which everyone - whether young or old, Catholic or Protestant, non-denominational or still unbelieving - is welcome. Because what all guests have in common is a love of music and a willingness to engage with it, to listen to it, feel it and experience it with all their senses.
January 28, 2024