1773: The author, spy, arms dealer and revolutionary Beaumarchais writes the comedy of the cunning barber, without whom the Count cannot reach Rosina, the object of his desires.

200 years later: the revolution has won. History repeats itself as a farce. Somewhere in a post-Soviet housing estate. Rosina is bored on her terraced balcony. The son of the head of state, code name Almaviva, has spotted her there. To conquer her, he has to get past Comrade Bartolo. The pusher Figaro helps him with unconventional tricks. In the end, Bartolo is convicted of abusing his power and falls out of favor with the party. Or is it all propaganda? We still have to find out ...House director Louisa Proske is enthusiastic about the sparkling, carnivalesque music, in which new false bottoms keep opening up the longer you listen. She will set singers in rapid motion.
The Halle Opera ensemble allows us to perform the piece in the two versions Rossini intended: alternately with Rosina as a soprano or mezzo-soprano. You have to decide which alternative you want to hear. Or watch both at once. We'll make sure it's worth it.
Premiere January 27, 2024
Further performances: February 2, 18 and 23, March 3 and 17 and on April 12 and June 23, 2024