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Every year a new show, always new artists. The Feuerwerk der Turnkunst captivates with its great creativity as well as with newcomers and never-before-seen, breathtaking show elements. With the Heartbeat Tour 2024, Europe's most successful gymnastics show remains true to its claim and presents, among others, the Arctic Ensemble from Finland. In addition to their spectacular act on the double "Corean Cradle", the creative Finns will be tackling a commissioned piece of "fireworks", a large group act on various aerial devices. Fascinating beats to party to that will get you out of your seat.
With Heartbeat you will feel it again - that feeling of boundless freedom from times gone by. Swinging aerial acts, fast-paced acts and stories that only love can write will not only make artists' hearts beat faster. The attitude to life of the 80s is coming back and will provide a real explosion of emotion: carefree, free and fiery, the world's best artists give full rein to their joie de vivre. Let this joy into your heart and you too will feel it - the heartbeat of the 2024 tour. Boom, boom, boom...
December 29 and 30, 2023


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