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In her second work at the Burgtheater, Australian director Adena Jacobs addresses the question of the intangible fear that manifests itself today in Nosferatu, focusing on the female body. With her enigmatic and tableau-like visual language, Jacobs questions a paralyzed society: what has happened to us, what is our collective fear and who do we turn against as a result of our powerlessness?

"A sea of mixed feelings surrounds me. I doubt, I fear, I think of strange things that I dare not admit to my own soul." A horror takes possession of the people. In the midst of them walks a phantom that awakens an ancient fear in them. Nosferatu. Shadowy creature, bringer of plagues, seducer, bloodthirsty, undead. A terrifying figure that means something different to everyone, but whose inner struggle remains hidden. Unable to awaken from a shared feverish dream, a society tries to identify and banish the alien horror and at the same time the evil within itself.
Ever since Bram Stoker created the modern archetype of the vampire in his novel "Dracula", the fascination with him has not waned. Countless reinterpretations of the Dracula or Nosferatu figure have been invented since then. The shape-shifter Nosferatu embodies the struggle for immortality as well as the curse of killing to survive.
Premiere January 19, 2024